Infomail is designed for system integrators.

API Infomail

Manage every phase of the process through GraphQL and RESTful APIs.

  • API interfaces usable with major programming languages.
  • Server-side message composition (MIME assembly), no library required.
  • Integration with third-party services via webhooks.
  • Architecture designed to scale as needed.

Statistics detection for monitoring and performance enhancement.

  • Tracking of clicks, opens, unsubscribes, bounces, and complaints
  • Aggregated reporting through integrated tagging system
  • Real-time event notifications via HTTPS

Design, development, and storage of responsive email templates

  • Drag-and-drop editor with pre-configured templates
  • Management of placeholders (merge tags) for optional fields from third-party systems
  • Advanced templating to manage complex email structures
  • Mail preview on devices, testing and tuning

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The Infomail email marketing platform offers various ready-made integrations through its integration with Zapier. By registering for free on and typing “Infomail” in the second search field, you can access numerous examples of integrations to use immediately.

For example, you can automate the sending of transactional emails in response to the arrival of an email in your Gmail mailbox, or automatically add the email addresses of new users of Facebook Lead Ads to your Infomail list.

Furthermore, thanks to the synchronization of your Infomail list with over 5,000 applications on Zapier, you can efficiently manage your contact list, adding, modifying, or removing contacts.

Finally, by integrating Infomail with Zapier, you can automatically send emails when a specific event occurs, such as cart abandonment on Shopify, using your personalized graphic templates.

Configuring your account on Zapier is simple and free, and allows you to manage up to 5 integrations and 100 actions per month. Some apps are paid, but you can still take advantage of numerous free integrations to optimize your email marketing activities.

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