Transactional Emails

Infomail is a reliable, powerful and scalable API-based platform.

With our email marketing platform, you can send transactional emails quickly and easily.

With our advanced features, you can personalize messages with specific customer information, such as name, most recent order, and more. In this way, emails will always be relevant and relevant to the recipient.

Infomail allows you to monitor the effectiveness of transactional emails by providing detailed information on opens, clicks, and conversions. This data will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and make any corrections to improve results.

To ensure maximum security of transactional emails, Infomail offers the ability to configure SPF and DKIM directly from the platform. With these authentication features, you will be able to verify that emails are sent only from authorized servers and that they are protected from phishing or spoofing attempts.

Dedicated servers and IPs

To send transactional emails we use dedicated SMTP servers on the Italian territory

Detailed statistics

More than 20 real-time statistics for analyzing results also accessible via API


Authentication through SPF/DKIM to increase the security and deliverability of sendings

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