Policy antispam Infomail

Any commercial email sent without the explicit consent of the recipient is considered spam. Infomail adopts the necessary actions to counter and prevent this practice, including account suspension.

Do you think you have received an unwanted communication?

Italian and European regulations consider any message sent to those who have not given their consent to receive the email as spam: consent must always be free, autonomous, and explicit. It is not legal to send an email to publicly available addresses, even if they are published on the web. It is not allowed to send communications to purchased or rented addresses if the recipient has not given consent to receive the email, even from third parties. Every communication must contain an unsubscribe link. Infomail automatically inserts this link in the email footer: email recipients have the right to remove their address from the mailing list at any time. Infomail takes various steps to verify that communications are sent in full compliance with the anti-spam policy. Technologically, the domain from which emails are sent through the Infomail platform implements the SPF standard. Any abuse or spam incidents can be reported to [email protected]. The report must be described in detail and must include the subject and email address of the received communication.