Google interviews Hoplo on how to face the future in a world driven by artificial intelligence:


In a conversation with Google Cloud, Roberto Murgia, founder of Hoplo, owner of Infomail and, and COO Valter Pasinato, shared their insights on the future driven by AI.

Here is an excerpt from the interview; you can read the full statement on Google’s blog.


Can you talk about how you make infrastructure and talent choices in a landscape that changes every day?

Roberto Murgia:

The most important thing for us is the training and tuning capabilities of the platform we use. That’s why we work with Google Cloud and leverage Vertex AI. With AI, things are always changing so our technologies need to be flexible, easy to manage, and easy to learn. Our developers and engineers need to continuously learn new skills to keep up with the technical side of what we do. For example, our focus is now on the development of a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) solution. RAG uniquely combines sophisticated search capabilities with the generation process. This focus inspired the creation of our tailored RAG solution within the “Teriyaki” platform. Indeed, we are convinced that the RAG approach will gain growing popularity as a method for tailoring Large Language Models (LLMs) to specific use-case scenarios.


With two decades of industry knowledge and with AI maturing rapidly in the last few years, how did you know it was time to invest more in this kind of innovation?

Valter Pasinato:

We always focus on enriching the product we already have with the latest innovations and we realized that AI can be a pillar to build out every other application. It was difficult to get the right resources at the beginning, but now we have a development team of 20 people based in Sardinia and a fully dedicated AI team.

Continue reading the full interview on Google’s blog.
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